Yes there is such a thing as lash shampoo. It's essential to the daily up-keep of your lashes. It should be added to your skin care routine to avoid common eyelid problems like Blepharitis which is becoming more and more common especially when clients aren't washing their eye area properly as they are afraid their lash extensions may weaken and fall out. Some clients have even told me that they have been told not to get the lashes wet!! Yes that may be true for the first 24 hours but after that you should let water run through them to clear away any dirt, make up and any build up in general. Not doing so may lead to problems with the eyes and infections and in some case, lash mites (aka Demodex) SCARY!! 

So please do take lash cleaning seriously!! 

Here's the perfect Lash Shampoo Recipe. Easy to make, and chemical free:

Get a foam pumper bottle, and add to it:

1 part Baby Shampoo (gently cleanses the eyes)
3 parts Bottled Water (never use tap water)
1 tsp Baking Soda (adjust the PH and boosts the gentle cleaning power)

Bottle it, shake well and use daily. So simple and easy to make. 

Watch the Video for more information 
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I thought I'd share a couple of useful wedding tips and ideas that I've picked up from my clients and friends that have planned their own weddings. Planning your own wedding doesn't have to break the bank, and wouldn't it be lovely to have a wedding planner to organise and plan your special day. Unfortunately for many of us, we have to plan our own wedding and over the last couple of years, I've picked up lots of tips, contacts and great ideas to help you. I'll keep adding and updating tips and ideas as I go along. 

Wedding invites / table plans

Kate Slattery designed the invite above for her sister's wedding. It's an innovative, beautiful design and what's more her prices are very competitive to those on the high street. She can design and print your invites to your specifications. I absolutely love the way she designed this card which also included the RSVP and stamp, as we all know how lazy people are rspv'ing to invites. Email Kate and don't forget to let her know that you came through me :)

Diamonds are a girls best friend!! It's even better when they have access to 70% of the world's finest polished diamonds and with their bespoke service they can make your dream diamond ring or any diamond jewellery for much less. Their showroom is based in central London, (by appointment only) so if you want your dream ring, hint hint to the boyfriend/fiancée.

Wedding Cakes 

Cake anyone? If you're having a dilemma with choosing who you should go with for your wedding cake, check out "the girl loves cake" - they will ensure your wedding cake fits your needs to a T. Check out their cake blog for more information.

Congratulations to Christine & Kevin who tied the knot over the sunny Easter Bank Holiday weekend.
Thank you for inviting me to celebrate your wedding and may it be the start of a wonderful and exciting life together.  

For Christine's bridal look I used Mink C curl lashes to create a beautiful soft look for her eyes. Lots of back combing and hair spray for plenty of height and volume in her hair, and a natural day time to evening make up to complete her whole look. 

My new recent find for wonderfully defined, thick natural looking brows, even if your brows are barely there!! Gimme brow`s buildable micro fibres adhere to skin and hairs, mimicking the look of real brows. Brush on instantly for more brows! 
(Benefit £17.50) 


Nicky Vass (Office massage therapist)

My client Nicky has a free taster session for any company in London that may be interested in booking an office massage session for their employees.  This is inclusive of one therapist for two hours which will treat 6 members of staff to a 20 minute massage each. Get in touch with Nicky using the link above.

Avocados are great to eat but did you know also act as a great facial treatment!  Avocados contain biotin, which aids in the prevention of dry skin and brittle hair and nails. When applied topically, they can hydrate parched skin.

A tip from 1,801 Home Remedies:
Create a moisturizing mask. Pit the fruit, puree the pulp, and pat it on your face. The oil acts as an emollient. It also contains beneficial vitamin E.

Read more:

Eating wheat germ every day helps to get rid of your pimples. Adding wheat germ to your cereal, yogurt or cottage cheese can make it tastier.

Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and potassium; all are great ingredients for beautiful skin. Get eating!!


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